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  • Autism Awareness

    Autism Awareness

    April is Autism Awareness Month
    1 in 68 children has an autism spectrum disorder. Early detection can make a world of difference. Empower parents to take action if their child is not meeting certain developmental milestones throughout the month and beyond.
  • Diversity & Inclusion

    Diversity & Inclusion

    Rethink Bias. Embrace Diversity.
    The first step to ending discrimination is acknowledging that we may be unintentionally biased towards people who aren't like us.
    Support new PSAs that encourage us to identify our own hidden bias in order to end prejudice.
  • What's New

    Kid-Targeted Shelter Pet Adoption PSAs
    Help pet lovers connect with animal shelters and rescue groups in their area to find animals waiting for loving homes. New PSAs, featuring Disney Palace Pets characters, provide kid-friendly messaging about the joy of adopting a shelter pet.
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