Job Training & Employment

Job Training and Employment

Every 25 seconds Goodwill ® helps someone find employment. New PSAs showcase the variety of unique finds available at Goodwill stores and celebrate Goodwill shoppers, whose purchases help fund job skills training and more in their local communities.

Hurricane Relief

Hurricane Relief

Millions of people have been impacted by the devastating forces of Hurricane Florence and Michael.
To direct donations to the areas that need help, now and in the future, air Hurricane Relief PSAs that encourage donors to choose where their cash donation will go, local and national at

Midterms Matter: Encourage Voting

Get Out The Vote 2018 Most Federal and Governors' seats, and hundreds of Mayors and local officials are up for election.
Leading up to November 6th, air non-partisan PSAs to inspire all members of your community to express their opinions, support issues that are important to them, and impact our nation by voting.