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The Truth About Opioids

Opioid dependence can happen in just five days.
Based on true stories of those who've gone to extreme lengths to get more opioids and a personal detox story, new spots from truth® and the Ad Council aim to put an end to the opioid epidemic.

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Adoption From Foster Care Main Image

Adoption From Foster Care

There are 118,000 children in the U.S. foster care system currently awaiting adoption.
But 15- to-18- year-olds represented only 5% of all adoptions in 2017. New PSAs remind parents that there are plenty of heartwarming “firsts” to share with a teen.

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Get Out The Vote 2018

Most Federal and Governors' seats, and hundreds of Mayors and local officials are up for election.
Leading up to November 6th, air non-partisan PSAs to inspire all members of your community to express their opinions, support issues that are important to them, and impact our nation by voting.

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