Help Inspire Future Teachers.

Teacher Recruitment

Inspire future teachers.
Fewer than 1 in 10 top-tier students consider teaching a viable profession yet top teachers make a tangible improvement in student's lives. Help fix that balance by running PSAs that encourage students to consider the career of teaching.

It's Clean Air Month.


Encourage your community to recycle.
On average, only 34.3% of the 254 million tons of trash in America gets recycled. PSAs inspire Americans by personifying recyclable materials and dramatizing the potential of each item we recycle to "live" a meaningful second life.

Help Teens Stand Up to Bullying.

PSAs fight bullying.
88% of 13-17 year olds witness bullying on social media. For National Teen Self Esteem Month, run PSAs that show teens how they can reject cyber-bullying, and spread kindness instead, all with a stroke of their keyboards.