Promote Acceptance of LGBT Americans

LGBT Acceptance

Discrimination against LGBT people is on the rise.
In 31 states it's still legal to fire, evict, or deny services to LGBT people. Share new PSAs to raise awareness about anti-LGBT discrimination and promote equal treatment for all.

Help Teens Stand Up To Bullying

Supporting Minority Education

88% of 13-17 year olds witness bullying on social media.
Help them take a stand against it by running PSAs that show teens how they can reject cyber-bullying, and spread kindness instead, all with their keyboards.

"Probably Okay" Isn't Okay

Buzzed Driving Prevention Taking the backroads home? Drinking that extra gulp of water? Rolling the car windows down? After a night of drinking, thinking about what you can do to drive home safely can be the biggest warning sign that you can't drive home safely. Air new PSAs to shift thinking from "I'm probably okay" to "I should probably get a ride home."