Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to your questions below.

For any questions we might have missed, feel free to reach out to for general PSA Central questions or for digital asset questions. Thanks for your support, always!


Q. How does the Ad Council distribute PSAs?

A. The Ad Council regularly mails or digitally distributes production-ready materials or alerts to media companies. For more information, please check FAQs specific to your media type on the left side.

Q. How do I sign up to receive Ad Council PSA mailings?

A. If you wish to be added to our mailing list please email and someone will reach out to you promptly.

Q. What is the cost of downloading PSAs?

A. All Ad Council PSAs are provided to the media free of charge. Broadcast-quality and production-quality tv, radio, newspaper, magazine and outdoor ads can be downloaded free of charge on PSA Central.

Q. I don't represent a media outlet, but I am interested in using PSA Central to find out more about Ad Council PSAs.

A. Please visit our main site, Click on "Our Work" link to learn about current Ad Council campaigns and view some of the available PSAs. If you are an educator, you may register with the site as "Educator" user type during registration process.

Q. How do I download multiple assets/ads in bulk via the Download Center?

A. You can download multiple files at one time using our revamped Download Center tool. First, add all of the assets you want to the download center by clicking on "plus" icon next to each asset. When you are done adding items to your download center, go to "Download Center" in the top right, and then click "Download" button. You may either download assets all at once, or download a few at a time by clicking "Download selected."

Please note that the "Download Center" operates very similar to, and has replaced, the "My Cart" functionality.

Q. What are the general terms of use for Ad Council PSAs?

A. Below are six basic rules, however please refer to our extended Terms of Use page for more detailed information.
- You may not modify, create derivative works from, or otherwise attempt to alter, or use the PSAs in any way other than expressly authorized.
- The PSAs may only be placed in donated media and not on any media that is purchased in any way.
- The PSAs may not be placed on any piracy or other illegal sites or media outlets; they also may not be placed on pornographic sites.
- You may not use the PSA in any manner that would imply an association with any commercial enterprise. You cannot, for example, exhibit the PSA with corporate logos appearing in conjunction with it.
- Use of the PSAs is only permitted through the applicable expiration period.
- We reserve the right, at any time and in our sole discretion, to ask you to remove the PSAs from any media channel where you have placed them.

Q. Can an advertiser sponsor an existing Ad Council PSA?

A. If you are interested in attaching corporate sponsorship to existing Ad Council PSAs, several campaigns are potentially available.

Please note that each sponsorship opportunity must be considered and approved on an individual, case by case basis. We do this to ensure that the campaign in question is comfortable with the sponsor's product, etc.

The following categories would be unacceptable as sponsors for any Ad Council campaign:
-Tobacco Products
-Alcohol Products
-Pharmaceuticals (in most cases)
-Any for-profit lobbying groups, organizations and other products that clearly conflict/counter the PSA's message

For more information about sponsorship opportunities, please email If you have a specific sponsorship opportunity in mind, please provide all applicable information including your media outlet's name and DMA, proposed sponsor's name, proposed sponsor's business type, and the campaign of interest.

Q. Why do I need a username and password?

A. We would like to provide you with a customized user experience. Possessing a username and password allows PSA Central to store your preferences, maintain your download center, and provide you with a record of your site activity located in the 'My Activity' link at the upper right-hand corner of the page.

Q. I've been using PSA Central for years, why do I receive an "Invalid email and password" error message?

A. We're sorry for the inconvenience. In some cases, this may be due to the use of an old format from several years ago. To resolve this problem, please reach out to at your earliest convenience.

Q. I represent a cause/issue, can I post my PSAs on your website?

A. PSA Central is only used for Ad Council PSAs. You may want to reach out to your local media outlets for further assistance. If you're interested in partnering with The Ad Council, please contact Megan Sigesmund at

Q. Where can I find former PSAs?

A. For former PSAs that are no longer active in our docket, please email Ad Council Archives at the University of Illinois at

Q. What are the system requirements for the best use of PSA Central?

A. Please refer to the system requirements chart to ensure that your operating system and browser are compatible with PSA Central.

Q. I'm having issues on the site, what should I do?

A. Occasionally a different browser will works charms, but always feel free to reach out to our team at who will assist in any way or connect you with our IT team.


Q. Can I download broadcast quality TV spots?

A. Yes, you may download the broadcast quality TV spots on this site. On the homepage select "TV" in the search drop-down, enter your search term, then click "Submit". Once you get the result page, you will be able to further narrow down your search by format, length, language, and others, per each asset. You can search for internet streaming quality ads by selecting "Digital" in the search drop-down.

Q. Which file format should I download?

A. Check with your editing or transcoding software import sources. H.264 is ideal for webcasters to transcode and stream. Popular editing systems can use the following:

- Final Cut Pro DVCPRO (DV25, 50, 100), H.264, WAVE, IMX/MXF*
- Avid DVCPRO (DV25, 50, 100), H.264, WAVE, IMX/MXF*
- Grass Valley MPEG-2, DVCPRO (DV25, 50, 100), H.264, IMX/MXF*
- Premiere MPEG-2, DVCPRO (DV25, 50, 100), H.264, WAVE
- IMX/MXF* - for MAC systems requires import utility,

Q. The preview videos do not play at the web site.

A. All videos should play using standard browsers on desktop and mobile. If you are encountering issues, please reach out to

Q. The downloaded videos do not play on my PC.

A. Most of the file formats are intended for broadcast and editing systems. Use the appropriate PC player for to preview the files.

- MPEG-2 free VLC player available at
- DV25/50 QuickTime Pro with preferences set to "Use high quality video"
- IMX/MXF free VLC player available at

Q. The downloaded file has flashing white dots at the top.

A. These are closed captioning and Nielsen codes embedded in broadcast files but are not in the active picture for airplay. In some workflow situations, it is necessary to use Cropping settings with your editing software to remove them.

Q. I can not use digital assets; can I order a physical tape?

A. If you are unable to download digital assets, please call 1-800-933-PSAS to place your order. This service is for TV & Cable Stations only.

Q. What is stereo, comp and split audio?

A. Stereo indicates only 2 channels of audio. Comp indicates that the original material had many channel of audio that were then combined into 2 channels. Split audio indicates that there are 4 or more audio channels.

Q. I want to receive a physical tape every time Ad Council releases new work, how can I sign up for Ad Council mailing list?

A. If you wish to be added to our mailing list please email your station mailing address and preferred tape format to

Q. I am an Extreme Reach subscriber, how can I receive via the Extreme Reach platform?

A. Please check with your Traffic Department to access the latest PSAs via the Extreme Reach Platform. For technical support, or to determine if your station is currently an Extreme Reach affiliate, please email or call 1-877-769-9382 Ext. 0. If you can't find the spots you are interested in on the Extreme Reach platform, we encourage you to download broadcast quality spots on this site.


Q. I am a Triton Digital user, can I get your spots there?

A. Go to to access Ad Council PSA Wire. Ad Council PSA Wire makes it easy
to browse, preview and insert our radio PSAs into your online audio stream.

Q. Can I receive alerts when new radio PSAs are available for download?

A. To receive email alerts about new radio materials, go to the Contact Us section of PSA Central and notify your regional contact.

Q. I want to receive a physical CD every time Ad Council releases new work, how can I sign up for Ad Council mailing list?

A. If you wish to be added to our mailing list please email your station mailing address to your regional contact whose contact information can be found on the Contact Us page.

Live Announcer Copy

Q. Do you have scripts for our radio announcer to read on air rather than playing a spot?

A. Yes. Every Ad Council campaign also produces Live Announcer Copy in various lengths (:30,:15, :10, or :05). Search on PSA Central by campaign or by length to find a script that works for you.


Q. How do I download these?

A. We have introduced a new way for partners to not only access our great creative online, but also provide improved recognition for their support of Ad Council PSAs. In order to do this, we have removed the direct download feature for digital assets on PSA Central and shifted to a "by-request" option. This change will not affect how you preview and select the digital content, but will offer a new "Request" option in place of the "Download" button. In an effort to make this a streamlined and easy process, you will only need to complete a quick single popup question to request the digital content you are looking for. After providing just a URL, our team will get right to work to get the banners/streaming video out to you.


Q. Can I get the original files and resize print PSAs myself?

A. The Ad Council does not permit cropping or modifications of our print PSA's. Resizes can be requested, and if the campaign(s) budget(s) allow, they will be done by the Ad Council design studio and sent to the publication.

Q. My publication would like to donate space for sizes that are not listed on PSA Central. Do you offer resizes?

A. Yes, whenever our campaign budgets allow. Please reach out to your Regional Managing Director for assistance or fill out the Contact Us form.

Out Of Home

Q. How can I order flex out-of-home?

A. Our current flex materials are available for previewing on Contact your Regional Managing Director to place an order.

Q. Which PSAs are available in paper material?

A. You can order paper out-of-home materials directly through this site. Visit the out-of-home section for a listing of our current available materials.

Q. I'd like to order paper bus shelters, but I need them resized. Can you resize them per my specs?

A. Yes, feel free to reach out to our CI-Group representative, Amy Reed, for assistance: