Job Training & Employment

Finding employment and building careers helps people earn paychecks and feel pride and independence. When people shop at Goodwill®, they help Goodwill provide the job training and other support services people need to earn jobs locally and care for their families. New PSAs showcase the variety of unique finds available at Goodwill stores and celebrate Goodwill shoppers, whose purchases help fund job skills training and more in their local communities.

Goodwill shoppers are local heroes, who care about their communities and want to help their neighbors find jobs. This campaign celebrates both their style and their commitment to doing good.

As the leading nonprofit provider of job training, career and community services, Goodwill uses the revenue earned from the sale of these goods to create job training and education, and to provide other community-based services such as child care, financial education, mentoring and more. In fact, collectively, more than 87 percent of the revenue spent at Goodwill stores is reinvested in community-based services including free resume preparation, career counseling, interviewing skills and many more. To learn how, visit

Sponsor: Ad Council, Goodwill Industries International

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